10 Surprise Birthday Party Ideas for Adults

Did you know that the first people to celebrate birthdays were the Romans? Does your loved one have a birthday coming up? If you want to surprise your friend or relative, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over surprise birthday ideas for adults. Your loved one won’t forget this special surprise you plan.

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1.Surprise Your Loved One Throughout the Day

You’ll need to take some time to plan this birthday surprise. The fun part about this surprise is that your loved one will always be anticipating the gift.

Make sure a third party delivers the gifts and messages. First, you’ll need to find out the schedule of your loved one.

Ask whoever’s delivering the gifts to try and catch your friend or loved one off guard. Have a few gifts for the deliverer to bring your friend. At the end of the day, meet them outside of work and bring them to dinner.

2.Clip Old Photos to Balloons

One particular way to surprise your loved one is to clip nostalgic photos to the ends of balloons.

Pick up a variety of photos and download them. You can print the pictures and write a little note on the back of the image.

To surprise your loved one, fill one room with all these helium balloons. Your loved one will be so surprised by the beautiful array of photos, but also with the images.

3.Organize a Party

Birthday get-togethers can turn into a wonderful memory for the birthday person. Try to invite old friends and relatives to the birthday. Plan the birthday surprise with the help of friends.

Find out who your loved one would like at the birthday. Are there some old friends they would love to see? Set up a get-together with a mix of old and new friends and family members.

4.Go On a Spontaneous Road Trip

Plan a road trip surprise birthday party. A road trip is a special surprise. The birthday person will feel so surprised by this gesture.

You could invite their friends or family to decorate the Airbnb or restaurant.

5.Drive Around in a Limo

Surprise your loved one by renting a chauffeur. Pick them up after work, and let them ride around the evening in style.

When you pick them up from work, make sure friends and family are already in the limo. Head to dinner and have fun.

6.Get a Makeover

You could also bring your friend out for a makeover. If your friend is a mom, she will appreciate this surprise gesture. Plan a full day outing.

Call a spa ahead of time and book a massage, facial, and body wrap. After, head to the salon so she can get her nails done.

Once you’ve finished at the spa and salon, head to the mall to go shopping. End the day with a fancy meal out with her best friends and loved ones.

7.Surprise Delivery at Work

If your loved one’s birthday falls on a workday, you can still surprise them.

Go into work ahead of time with the permission of their boss. Decorate the office space with balloons, streamers, and other decors.

Make sure you also decorate their desk area. Cover it with presents and treats. Deliver pizza and cupcakes for lunch.

8.Pay For a Long-Distance Friend or Relative to Visit

Another surprise you could set up is flying in one of your loved one’s long-distance friends or relatives.

Bring in a beloved sibling from across the country or an old college roommate. Surprise your loved ones by having them answer the door.

This surprise will be a special memory for your loved one, especially if they haven’t seen the person in years.

9.Start the Celebrations at Midnight

If your loved one isn’t a night owl, consider planning this surprise. Set their alarm off at midnight, and schedule a ton of different activities.

Call in ahead of time and get the day off if their birthday falls on a workday.

Plan activities like going out for a drink at a local bar. Head to breakfast at a 24-hour diner. You could go for a moonlight hike or roast marshmallows by a bonfire.

Give them their first birthday gift. To finish off the perfect night, watch the sunrise from a popular lookout.

10.Go to an All-Star Sports Event

Does your loved one have a favorite team or sport? Try to find out if a local venue offers special amenities to ring in a birthday.

Look into setting up a meet-and-greet with their favorite player. If there aren’t a lot of famous local players, head out of town.

Plan a sports outing where you spend the night at a hotel, and watch the game at the famous venue.

After the game, head to an escape room with a group of friends. Check out Escape Room Gatlinburg.

Surprise Birthday Party Ideas for Adults

We hope this guide on surprise birthday party ideas for adults was helpful. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to plan the celebration.

Call ahead and find out your friend’s work schedule if their special day lands on a workday.

Plan a spa day, surprise them with gifts at work, or head out of town for a spontaneous adventure.

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