Best Circus Performers in Europe

Hiring a circus might seem like an event reserved for children’s parties. On the contrary, circus performers are highly trained artists skilled in acrobatics, dance, magic, juggling, and so much more. You can’t go wrong hiring a team of skilled performers for your next event. If you’re thinking about entertainment that will create memories to last a lifetime, below is a list of some of the best performers and entertainment companies to consider for your next event.

Sirkus Agio

Sirkus Agio is a Norwegian company that provides circus performers, entertainment rentals, and equipment for your next big event. From popcorn machines to sound stages with LED light, they are known as one of the most extravagant performers in the Netherlands. Their performers are well-trained in the art of acrobatics and can travel past the borders of the Netherlands to deliver entertainment to customers.

You can visit website to learn more about their pricing and equipment rentals. You can also combine entertainment with education and learn how to be a performer at their circus school! The school is easy to join and can provide you with the skills you need to be an outstanding performer. In addition, they have a mingling service where your audience will be entertained with face painting, juggling, and tricks to keep them happy for hours during your large event.

By far, Sirkus Agio is one of the best entertainment and circus companies in the area. Visit their website and book your performer soon.

Circus Extreme

Circus Extreme is another great circus to help entertain your guests and family. While you can’t book them for private rentals, you can purchase tickets and watch their death-defying stunts live in action! The team is filled with great performers, such as Ayala Troupe performing her high-wire act. There are various shows available in the UK, with Circus Extreme choosing the UK due to its passion and diversity!

You can also view stunts with motorbikes, such as the Big Top stunts performed by the EXTREME motocross team! Gaze in wonder as the riders face almost G-force pressure while performing! This is one of the most memorable traveling circuses, and it’s worth booking their tickets in advance! Visit their website to get your tickets and find out more about this traveling performance, when it will come into a town near you, and the best ways to get tickets now.

Circus Building

Circus Building is one of the most unique venues in Europe, and it is considered one of the best places for hosting events. Their large venue has the capacity to hold awards shows, live music, company parties, and so much more. When you book an event here, you are also given the option to have entertainment provided by the Wallman Show! The Wallman Show is a staple of the Circus Building, providing dance and song, Elvis impressions, humor and acrobatics, and heart-racing stunts performed by high-quality performers.

This is a unique venue in that it also serves food, so you can book an all-out company event along without worrying about other accommodations for guests. This 360-degree experience is why many flock to the center of Copenhagen and book their reservations with the Circus Building. If you want to book a private room, you can do that as well at their Buddha Lounge or other intimate spaces. Visit their website to learn more about what they offer, and food choices, and to book your exciting event in the heart of Copenhagen.

Cirkus Maximum

If you’re in Sweden, stop by Cirkus Maximum and experience one of the funnest circus performance attractions for the entire family! Cirkus Maximum is one of a handful of performance centers in the area that uses live animals like elephants and camels for their shows. Their animals, stylish acrobatics, and fun venue make this feel like another worldly experience!

This is one circus that is sure to be on the bucket list for many, and that will inspire children for years to come. Visit their website for a list of showings and to book your tickets.

Visit the Circus Today!

These venues, performers, and showings are some of the best in Europe and are worth a stop during your visit. Visit their websites today to get tickets and find the best entertainment for you and your family.