Highlights of Charmed Season 4 That Are Worth a Rewatch

While season 4 of the charmed reboot marked the show’s unprecedented finale, it is still worth reminiscing over, with the season introducing new twists for its audience. The 13 episodes capture some significant moments of the series, with the season highlighting a new direction for the show that unfortunately did not fully materialize. That said, here are some moments that are worth a rewatch.

Hope for the Charmed Ones

While the season starts on a sad note, there is hope for the sisters after Kaela comes into the picture as a Charmed one. She is, however, hesitant to join the charmed realm, having only recently acquired her magical powers. According to the showrunner, Brad Kern, she finally gets more confident in her new role as a Charmed one and agrees to move in with her new family.

The Sisterhood of the Travelling Sandwich, Episode 5

A creature named Donnie is on the hunt for the charmed ones, and Mel attempts to send Kaela and Maggie back in time to prevent his entry into their lives. Unfortunately, she sends them back to 1926, with the sisters unable to find their way back. Sunny shoots Roxie as the latter, and Mel tries to stop Donnie. Still trapped in the past, Maggie manages to alert her sister of this, allowing Mel to bring them back in time to prevent this from happening.

The Tallyman Cometh, Episode 6

The tallyman turns out to be one of the terrifying villains that the charmed ones have encountered, with this entrance into the sister’s lives causing chaos in the creature’s world. He intends to turn the magical creatures against the charmed ones, blaming the sisters for all the harm that has befallen the supernatural world.

Unveiled, Episode 8

Kaela finally manages to trace her birth parents in Georgia. She, together with Maggie, travels to visit them to get answers about why they gave her up. The Unseen try to hunt down the charmed ones alongside everyone who has helped them in their endeavors to restore good. Mel travels back in time to retrieve the book of shadows to help her cast a protection spell on her sisters and the house.

The End Is Never the End

As the show ends, Mel, Kaela, and Maggie are ushered into a new world. They find themselves outside what feels like a familiar house, with the sisters hesitant to push the door marked with their signature triquetra. After much deliberation and certainty that they can face whatever lies on the other side of the door, the sisters enter the house. This iconic treasure is the Halliwell Manor, home of the original charmed ones.

While the series ends with this cliffhanger, it reignites the debate about a potential crossover if the reboot is renewed. Either way, it pays homage to the initial series, marking the sisters’ connection and possible collaboration in both worlds. While that remains a mystery, the above episodes will come in handy whenever you feel nostalgic about the magical world, making them a must-watch for those cozy evenings.