YouTuber Jake Paul Net Worth – A Complete Analysis

Jake Paul is an American character who became highly popular with his sibling Logan on the social media network, Vine. He is a well-known YouTuber as well as a business owner of social networks. Here in this blog, we have analyzed Jake Paul Net Worth in depth.

Creeping plant remains to be one of his renowned YouTube concepts, which is currently shut down, got him millions of fans. With the support of his audience, he was able to build his YouTube network and become famous in no time.

Till the beginning of the year 2020, Jake Paul’s net worth was $19 million. Now let us take a look at the tale which managed to his remarkable income at a very early stage.

Jake Paul’s childhood

Jake Paul was born on the 17th of January, 1997 in the City of Cleveland, Ohio. He has an older sibling named Logan and brought up in Westlake by his family. Logan is considered an asset to Jake Paul, which made him a successful social network business owner.

Top 3 Ways By Which Jake Paul Net Worth Gets Increased

  1. Playing Video

Jake’s father, Greg is into real-estate and his mother Pam is a registered nurse. Logan started making videos from a very young age and was also achieving success in what he was doing. It was the time when Logan starts using social media as his full-time career; on witnessing the opportunity Jake started to make his own videos.

  1. Jake Paul’s Job

Jake Paul’s first video channel Creeping Plant started in September 2013, and at that time, Jake was only 16 years of age. But when the channel was closed, Jake Paul’s net worth of fans was over 5.1 million followers on the application. His videos had been played at least 2 million times.

  1. Advertising And Marketing 

Later Jake focussed on YouTube, and also developed a Vlog channel, which showered over 11 million subscribers and 2.6 billion views. Right now, Jake Paul runs an advertising and marketing company called Group 10, independently. He has also dipped into acting and appealed a routine part in Disney’s Bizaardvark.

He has given several interviews on many television programs and electrical outlets. One of his businesses was sold out to Gary Vaynerchuk upon his request.

Jake Paul’s Emphasizes

Here are some of the professional highlights that increased Jake Paul’s net worth.

  • He joined the Creeping Plant platform in September 2013
  • He started starring in Disney’s Bizaardvark in 2015
  • In 2017 Jake was invited to the White House
  • He launched Team 10 in 2017
  • He released his very first music video in the year 2017
Some of The Most Popular Quotes of Jake Paul

Quote 1:

“A lot of influencers are lazy. They are awesome with a great automobile, or some money in the bank… This quote is considered one of his best.”

Quote 2:

“Do you believe Leo DiCaprio simply woke up someday and came to be an Oscar-winning star without placing the work in? This is his finest quotes.”

Quote 3:

“It was simply the 20th anniversary of Poor Boy Records, and they are speaking concerning Big Deal.”

Quote 4:

“If you check out the largest individuals on social media right now, it’s the Kardashians. My goal is to develop a team that’s bigger than them collectively. It could take us five years, however, we’ll arrive.”

Quote 5:

“To be the most effective, you’ve got to beat the very best. I’ve been making video clips for the previous 10 years, so if a person wants to knock me off, they’d much better bring it.”

3 Keys Of Success From Jake Paul

Now you know all about Jake Paul’s net worth, and how he attained success in the early stage, here are 3 success lessons to learn. And to get it from a social network celebrity like Jake Paul, it is solid.

#1: Be determined

Jake says that uniformity is something he gets among the tricks applied in his videos. He consistently was putting out videos on a regular basis, no matter not many were viewing them. With persistently doing this for 4 years, it slowly began to click. And the in-between time gave him more experience to know what will work and what will not.

#2: You Obtain ta Want It

“You obtain ta want it” is Jake’s slogan, which means you should invest time in something you love and you are concerned enthusiastic. And it should be the one that you want to excel in terribly.

#3: Be prepared to adjust

When the Vine system was completely shut down, Jake could have been easily broken. Moreover, what he was complying with could have been destroyed too. Since he was prepared to adjust and already onto a new changeover to YouTube, he could sustain the loss. Meanwhile, he was making other moves to his job, which kept him engaged and strong.

Wrapping up

Jake Paul is a social networks star and a role model with extreme speed to the new generation of budding entrepreneurs. Jake Paul’s net worth as of 2020 is calculated to $19 million and could have increased by now. One noteworthy fact about Jake Paul is he is a professional boxer and he was known as The Problem Child in boxing.

Though he had participated only in two fights, the two were wins for Jake. Disney’s Bizaardvark is a comedy series and facts say that there were many controversies between Jake and the channel during Season 2.

In 2018, Paul started a website influencing people on how to be successful and earn money online. However, it is also been said that many expectations of the audience with Jake Paul still remain unachieved.

Yet, the fans have not fallen down.