Preparing To Film Stargirl

As executive producer, Geoff Johns made some interesting choices when he was casting. Some of the main characters are relatively new actors. So, they needed to figure out a way to be ready to perform mentally and physically. Here are some of the things the actors found that lets them deliver the great performances fans of the show have come to love.



The water you drink in the days before filming hydrates you for shooting, not the water you chug right before going on set. Starting weeks before the shooting, the stars up their water intake. Consuming at least half a gallon per day is one way to ensure they are ready to tackle their lines. This helps them get ready way ahead of time. Plus, it helps them avoid constant trips to the bathroom they would experience if they chugged water right before Johns needed them.

Stay Healthy

Actors inevitably get sick. But they still do their best to avoid that. Often, they use holistic treatments to help them stay healthy. For instance, some of them stay off the sugar and caffeine so they can focus. Others go to the chiropractor, so they are limber for the action scenes. They choose to eat healthy meals and take care of themselves. This gives them the optimal health they need to perform.

Get Enough Sleep

Nothing is better for an actor than being well-rested. Therefore, Stargirl actors try to get enough sleep before their performances. Unfortunately, different filming requirements can impact a regular sleep schedule. However, they still try to fit sleep into their schedule. This rests their bodies so they can give a great performance for the next shoot.

Trust Yourself

This is an important aspect for television actors. The mind can be a tool or obstacle actors need to get over. Therefore, the stars of this show need to trust themselves. They’ve been working hard for their roles, and they are ready. They are excited about the opportunity they have to share their talent with the world. However, this excitement can often lead to nerves. Deep breathing can help calm them down in the present. In the long run, they have to trust themselves. They have to understand they were chosen for their roles for a reason. Then, they can use these positive vibes to deliver outstanding performances.

By following these guidelines, the actors of Stargirl can deliver the great performance everyone has grown accustomed to. They can get in front of the camera and nail their lines. This is what makes the show spectacular.