Which was the best Hollywood Batman suit?

Based on the coolness factor the strength and the functionality there are various ways to rate the capes adorned by the caped crusader we all know as Batman. Over the years there have been many who took on the challenge to keep Gotham free from the wrongdoers, and the suit plays an important part in helping the knight in his not so shining armor make it possible.

There have been numerous batman costumes from the first one 72 to be precise (bet you didn’t know that, comic book nerds). Quite possibly the most legendary and historic costume in the history of films and comics. There have been numerous incarnations, some ranging better in aesthetics some in functionality, influence, and accuracy.

There is no settling the debate, at least not anytime soon, each suit is made keeping different purposes in mind and also is heavily influenced by the time and technology that was around when it was featured. But here are three suits from the batman movies that stand out and hold a special place in the heart of both critiques and fans alike.

The armored suit from batman vs Superman.

Getting its inspiration from the comics this bat suit features everything needed and is capable of taking down a Kryptonian. Also, this has to be one of the most technologically advanced suits to ever feature in the DUC. This suit makes batman insanely durable capable of withstanding blows from one of the strongest protagonists in the DCU (hint he also has a cape in his suit). This is another version of the bat suit that features kryptonite grenades, any guesses why? Without a doubt, this has to be one of the best suits in the entire history of batman suits.

The justice league tactical suit.

This particular tactical suit has three tradable countenances, a textured cape with a wired edge for emotional windblown postures, a Kryptonite firearm, compatible hands, an explosive, three Batarangs, two grapnel weapons, 3 mines, and a stand.

The batman begins the prototype suit.

A mix of the super solider suit developed by Bruce Wayne’s company gear from the league of shadows and a mask, not the most functional but a stealthy one, which is one of batman’s characteristics which would always leave James Gordon wondering how does batman always disappear in a swish.