American Stockbroker Jordan Belfort Net Worth

Jordan Belfort is a retired American stockbroker, writer, and inspirational speaker. His memoir, “The Wolf of Wall Street,” was published in 2007. The film based on the memoir of Belfort starred by Leonardo DiCaprio released in 2013 and it became a huge box office hit. Furthermore, Belfort and his company Stratton Oakmont were the 2000 film “Boiler Room” creators. Here in this blog, we have discussed a lot about Jordan Belfort Net Worth and his professional emphasis.

It is projected that Jordan Belfort’s net worth will be around $100 million by the end of 2020. He is 55 years old and works worldwide as a motivational speaker.

Early Life:

Belfort Jordan was born on July 9, 1962, in The Bronx, New York. He was presented in a Jewish family in Bayside, Queens.

During the summer between middle school and high school, Belfort and a close friend sold the Italian ice from cooling to people at the beach for $20,000.

Belfort has a degree in biology from the American University. He completed his degree at the University of Maryland School of dentistry. After the first day of his course, he left where a professor said it was not a way of getting rich to be a dentist.

Belfort dropping out a short time ago, determined to redesign his future in Long Island, with Queens New York well behind him, to save him more than 100 million dollars in high school days.

“The dentistry golden age has passed. If you are just here because you want to make a fortune, you’re wrong.”


On Long Island, New York, Belfort sold door-to-door meat and seafood. His meat marketing activity became an employing business that sold five thousand pounds of beef and fish per week from his initial one-person enterprise.

At the age of 25, he was charged with bankruptcy. At a very young age, he found himself positioned at L.F. Rothschild as a stockbroker trainee. Belfort’s first boss said that masturbation, cocaine, and hookers were the keys to success. After the stock market crash of Black Monday in 1987, he was laid off.

In the year 2003, Jordan Belfort was fined $110 million by the judiciary and sentenced to prison for four years. He was in prison for 22 months. One of Belfort’s cell companions urged him to write about his experiences. He wrote The Wolf of Wall Street after his life in prison. Shortly after his debut, “The Wolf of Wall Street” released Catching that detailed his life following prison.

Belfort allegedly washed his money in Swiss banks. Both his birthright mother and aunt of his wife have contributed to the Swiss smuggling of the money. He secretly threw parties during the running of Stratton Oakmont, including contests to thrust midgets.

Belfort is serving today worldwide as an encouraging host, describing his way to success. He runs his own business, which offers direct training and sales training on the market.

By 2020, Jordan Belfort’s net worth amounted to approximately $-100 million, due to its crime and punishments.

Jordan Belfort Net Worth
Jordan Belfort Net Worth, Jordan Belfort Net Worth

How Did Jordan Belfort Net Worth Start to Grew?

By scamming the investors of his business, Jordan Belfort made most of his money. Belfort has been active in the sale of the penny stocks; businesses outside Nasdaq and NYSE’s mostly useless pink sheet shares.

His company, Stratton Oakmont, was supposed to sell stocks that are not even good enough to be listed on major bonds.

The stocks were forced through cold calls and applied an extra 50% to the share price for “services.” These services, which comprise only half the purchasing price, typically only cost the consumer 1%.

Belfort pumped the stock market and dumped it. His brokers would boost stock prices while secretly holding large shares of the business sold; he would hopefully sell his shares and reserve a huge profit. While his clients remained suffering the heaviest loss. The business also loses everything as it returns to almost zero tradings.

According to the government, Jordan Belfort’s net worth should be at least $97 million. However, he still gets to keep half his income legally.

How Does Jordan Belfort Spend His Money?

By way of his investment firm, Stratton Oakmont, in the 1990s Belfort made millions. The $110 million fine against Belfort currently amounted to $14 million.

He has owned many beautiful cars and villas in the past. One of the old villas has a value of 3.4 million dollars. Five suites, a car park, a large pool, and numerous function rooms were included in the property.

In the 1990s, Belfort started its own business, Stratton Oakmont. His role of tricking myriad dollars out of investors ended up being notorious.

Before purchasing, Belfort leased a luxury yacht owned by Coco Chanel. A kit-built airplane, which he used to have on his yacht, is one of his most costly purchases.

Besides the film, The Wolf of Wall Street has also been converted to an immersive London experience but how much money Belfort earns from this is not clear. While he didn’t receive the hundreds of millions he did, he experienced a second prosperous period.

Jordan Belfort’s Personal Life

  • At the helm of Stratton Oakmont, Jordan Belfort divorced his first wife, Denise Lombardo. With the success of the business, his marriage was already disturbed by his need for money.
  • Not only did Jordan Belfort support and introduce his company’s festive lifestyle. His drug activities, particularly cocaine and psychotropic substance, started to become a blown abuse and addiction of drugs and his out-of-marriage affairs were frequent.
  • Nadine Caridi, Jordan Belfort’s wife, took her children and soon left. Both were formally divorced in 2005, and drug addiction, infidelity, and domestic abuse were cited.
  • In 2005, the couple Nadine Caridi and Jordan Belfort was formally divorced, alleging mental illness, infidelity, and domestic violence.

Jordan Belfort Emphasis

  • In the year 2007, Jordan’s Memoir “The Wolf of Wall Surface Street” was published.
  • Jordan’s other memoir “Capturing the Wolf of Wall Road” was published in 2009.
  • Finally in 2017, “Means of The Wolf: Mater of Art of Persuasion, Influences and also success” published and got the attention of the world audience.

Some of The Favorite Quotes from Jordan Belfort

Quote 1:

” When you live your life by bad standards, you bring upon damage on everybody that crosses your path, especially those you enjoy.”

Quote 2:

” Effective people are 100% convinced that they are masters of their fate, they’re not animals of circumstance, they develop a scenario if the scenarios around them suck they transform them.”

Quote 3: 

” The simplest way to generate income is -create something of such value that everybody desires and also head out as well as give and create worth, the money comes instantly.”

Quote 4: 

“Give yourself no option yet to do well”

Quote 5:

” If you want to be rich, never ever give up. People have a tendency to quit. If you have determination, you will certainly appear in advance of many people. You will certainly discover. When you do something, you might stop working. But that’s not since you’re a failure. It’s because you have not discovered enough. Do it differently each time. Someday, you will do it right. Failing is your close friend.”

Wrapping Up

By 2020, Jordan Belfort’s net worth is around $100 million because of his criminal record and the fines.

It isn’t bad for a former money laundry fraudster to have a strong autobiography and a film adaptation. DiCaprio played and a decent job in Jordan’s memoir as an inspiring speaker with two million in the bank.

Today Belfort works internationally as a motivational audio speaker and talks about his method to success. He runs his own business, which provides direct market training and sales training.