Vanna White Net Worth – A Complete Analysis

Vanna White is an American actress, model, and a popular TV personality. Vanna White net worth is around $70 million as per the stats gathered in 2020. She is well recognized as the hostess of the game show “wheel of fortune”. Besides her earnings from her carrier, the additional net worth of Vanna White also came from marrying an affluent and successful real estate developer.

The early life of Vanna white

Vanna was born in the year 1957 at Conway South Carolina. Her parents are Joan and Miguel Rosich. To her bad fate, her parents divorced at a very early age when Vanna was just a baby. After getting divorced, Vanna’s mother again married a man named Herbert White. Vanna was raised in North Myrtle Beach and has graduated from the North Myrtle Beach high school located there.

After completing high school, she moved onto Atlanta to attend the school of fashion design. When the actress was in her college, she has participated in the 1978 pageant for Miss Georgia USA. Soon after which in the year 1979, she moved to Los Angeles for perusing her dream of becoming an actress. In June 1980, Vanna took part as a contestant in ‘the price is Right”.


In the year 1981 Vanna has succeeded to play a small role in the movie ‘looker’. Besides, she also appeared in the horror movie “graduation day”. In the year 1982 moth of October white was also signed as one of the three substitute hostesses in “wheel of fortune”. Soon after which white became the regular hostess of the show and continued to remain the show’s primary hostess ever since.

It should be noted that she has beaten not less than two hundred other young girls for the position. White also continues to co-host the evening version of the show along with Pat Sajak. White’s contract has continued till the year 2022.

Notably, the hostess has worn around 6700 dresses during her tenure in the show “wheel of fortune” without a single repeat. White usually borrowed the dresses that she wears in the show from designers and then soon returned them once the tapping of the show is done.

Vanna White was awarded the prestigious Guinness world record for “most frequent clapper” on 24th May 2013 episode of the “wheel of fortune”. The famous hostess has clapped for a minimum of 3480864 times in 30 seasons of the show ending on 31st January 2013.

The tv show “wheel of fortune” is an impressive and popular six hours show a day. Meaning, white and Sajak need to work for only four days a month.

Besides the “wheel of fortune,” Vanna white has made her appearances in several tv shows including, “just shoot me”, “the king of queens”, “married with children” and “the A-Team”.

 In the year 1989, the famous hostess appeared on the cover of playboy magazine. There was a picture inside the magazine of a seminude white. White didn’t willingly pose for playboy. Instead, Hefner has bought photos of white that she has posed during her struggling days back in the year 1982.

 Vanna sued both Hefner and the magazine for $5.2 million for using the semi-nude picture that tarnished the friendly family audience image of the hostess.

After the playboy lawsuit, in the year 1993, Vanna sued the Samsung electronics corporation as the company has aired a commercial featuring a smiling robot that turned letter on a game show. Vanna has ended up winning the lawsuit and was awarded an amount of $403,000 as damage compensation.

Personal life

Vanna has left north myrtle beach, south California to live her dream of becoming a star. white waited tables and modeled in college. in the year 1980, Vanna dated john Gibson and soon got engaged. but to her misfortune, Gibson died in a plane crash in the year 1986 before both of them could get married.

In the year 1980 summer Vanna returned to her mother in southern California as she was fighting ovarian cancer. Her mother lost the battle and soon died of cancer.

After few years in 1990, Vanna married George Santo Pietro, who was born in a wealthy family in Beverly hills. The couple had two children together a son named Nicholas and a daughter named Giovanna. White and Santo Pietro divorced in the year 2002 November.

Salary highlights and net worth of Vanna white

The salary of the famous hostess is around $10 million per year. Whereas the salary of Pat Sajak is $15 million. Which is, just 48 days of work per year to earn a salary amounting to $10 and $15 million each year. If the salary amount is further distributed in parts, Vann earns a salary of $208,333 per workday. If you break the whites earning further based on her income per show, it amounts to around $34,722 for every show that she hosted. The net worth of Vanna White amounts to $70 million at present.

Real Estate

Vanna White and George Santo Pietro used to live in the Mulholland estates. Their next-door neighbor was Jack Nicholas and Warren Beatty. The couple has built a 15000 square foot house in the gated community of Beverly Park. The couple lived there until 2002 before they were divorced. After which the place was vacated and was given on rent for several years for $175,000 per month. In the year 2017, the house was listed for sale for $47.5 million. The couple also owns a house worth $22 million in the nearby lot.

The primary residence of white has been a 10,000 square foot mansion in Beverly Hills that she bought for a price of $3.4 million in the 2000s. the present value of the house is $10 million. White used to spend her income on buying apartment buildings and also loved flipping houses. In the year 2013, Vanna paid an amount of $1.125 million for a home located in Sherman Oaks, California. Later she listed the house for rent in May 2020 for around $20,000 per month.

Some of the Popular Quotes from Vanna White

Quote 1: 

” I will claim I keep in mind the best point in regards to publicity was being on the cover of Newsweek.”

Quote 2: 

” So, I recognize when they make a mistake as well as every person at home is throwing their footwear at the television set.”

Quote 3: 

” There are five cameras, I don’t recognize how many individuals in the audience … depending upon where we’re taping, there can be anywhere from 300 to 5,000 people, so the participants fidget”

Quote 4: 

” I’m a mama, a permanent mother when I’m not taping. I do the carpool point and also cook the cookies, and also do the homework.”

Quote 5: 

” I believe individuals think of me as this sophisticated person because they always see me dressed up.” 

Quote 6: 

” It’s not one of the most intellectual tasks on the planet, yet I do have to understand the letters.”

Quote 7: 

” There are five cameras, I don’t recognize how many individuals in the audience … depending upon where we’re taping, there can be anywhere from 300 to 5,000 people, so the participants fidget”

Wrapping Up

Well, when it comes to hosting a television show, Vanan White turns out to be an obsolete best. Apart from that, her acting skills grabbed the attention of motion picture lovers and turned them into fans. Currently, Vanna White’s net worth is $70 million with a salary of $10 million. Since, she not interested in retirement anytime soon, her net worth might get increased notably in upcoming years.