Jennifer Lawrence Net Worth – A Complete Analysis

Jennifer Lawrence is an award-winning America based actress. In the year 2013, the actress has owned the academy award as the best actress for her performance in the “silver linings playbook”. The current net worth of Jennifer Lawrence is $160 million.

Since the last year 2019, the number of films that the actress has performed in has grossed the amount of $6 billion worldwide. Lawrence is one of the highest-paid actresses globally in the years 2015 and 2016. In the year 2013, the actress was also on the time’s list of the top 100 most influential people around the globe.

In the year 2015 Lawrence founded the foundation named after her and with a common mission to advocate for special Olympics. And the year 2018, the world-famous actress has also formed a production company named excellent cadaver.

 The early life of Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer was born in the year 1990 on the 15th of august. During her childhood, she used to suffer from social anxiety and hyperactivity. After she came into the acting field her anxiety improved. While she was still in Kentucky, the actress acted in various local theatre productions.

 The very first role that Lawrence has played is that of a prostitute in a church play when she was just nine years old. The play was based on the book of Jonah. The next few years she continued to act in several church plays and other school musicals.

During high school, the actress was a cheerleader in the boys’ basketball team that was coached by her father. At the age of 14 when Lawrence was on a family vacation in New York City, she was luckily spotted by a talent scout on the street and then arranged an audition for talent agents. Soon after the audition was over, the agents said that Lawrence was the best performer that they have met of such a young age.

Lawrence’s mom did support her and was not much thrilled with the acting ambition of her young daughter. Lawrence then signed on with CESD talent agency and then began auditioning for different roles in Los Angeles. Jennifer has dropped out of her school at the age of just 14. She then never graduated or either received GED.

The film career of Jennifer

In the year 2006, Jennifer first gets a paid acting job. She got a role in the television film company town. After that the young actress followed up with several guest roles in tv shows like a monk and medium, etc. in the year 2007, Jennifer was cast in the TBS show the Bill Engvall Show as a rebellious daughter Lauren. The series continued for three seasons and earned her many accolades.

The New York daily news has mentioned as “Lawrence was exceptional in delivering the perpetual exasperation of teenage girls”. Jennifer also owned a young artist award for her outstanding performance in a tv series in the year 2009.

The breakthrough role of Jennifer came in the year 2010 film winter’s bone. The young actress was even nominated for the very prestigious Oscar award for her extraordinary performance in the movie. In the next year 2011’s X-men: first class, she played the shape-shifting mutant Mystique.

Soon after in the next year, Jennifer landed in her most famous role to date as the heroine Katniss Everdeen in the hunger games trilogy in 2012 by Suzan Collins.

The same year she also appeared opposite Bradley cooper in the film silver linings playbook by David o. Russell. In the film, the actress played the role of a woman who has a relation with a man with bipolar disorder. Jennifer won both the academy and the golden globe award for best actress for her acting in silver linings playbook.

In the year 2013 Jennifer once again worked with David o. Russell on the crime dram American hustle. The actress played the role of Rosalyn Rosenfeld, who is the neurotic wife of the con man Irving Rosenfield. The performance of the actress in this role has earned her golden globe and BAFTA award for best-supporting actress.

In addition to this, she was also nominated for the third academy award. It is her first award in the supporting category.

The actress again worked with Russel a third time in the movie joy. The movie story is based on the true-life story of a mom who invents the miracle mop. Although the film didn’t do well at the box office like the previous one, all praised the acting of Lawrence. The actress won the third golden globe award and was also nominated for the academy award for the best actress. Thus, Jennifer became the youngest person to have accrued four Oscar nominations.

Jennifer often praised for her exceptional acting talents. In fact, industry experts even compared her Meryl Streep to accounting for her acting skills and personality. Today Jennifer is recognized as one of the most sought-after actresses in Hollywood and will have an incredible career in the coming years.

Personal life

Jennifer while she was filming X men; first class in the year 2010 has developed a relationship with her co-actor Nicholas Hoult. The couple dated until the year 2014 until they wrapped the production of X Men; days of future past. Unfortunately, the actress in the same year became the victim of iCloud celebrity photo hacking. As a result, many of her nude pictures were led online.

Soon after in the year 2016, Lawrence started dating Darren Aronofsky. She has met the director while filming ‘mother’. A year later both split. After which in the year 2018, Jennifer started dating the director of the art gallery Cooke Maroney.

Salary highlights

Lawrence earned a salary of $3000 per week for winter’s bone. In the year 2012, the actress received a salary of $500,000 for the Hunger Games movie. But after it was a great hit commercially, Lawrence’s salary took a steep growth in her next two movies. Jennifer is among the five highest-paid actresses worldwide. The current net worth of Lawrence amounts to$160 million.

Jennifer Lawrence Emphasizes
  • Winter’s Bone Released in 2010.
  • X-Men First-rate Movie Released in 2011.
  • The Hunger Gamings famous action flick Movie released in 2012.
  • American Hustle, American black comedy crime Motion Picture released in 2013.
  • Joy – A dramatic comedy film released in 2015.
  • She won Golden Globes Finest Efficiency in the year 2016.
  • Mother! – A horror motion picture released in 2017.
  • Red Sparrow – American Spy Thriller film released in 2018.
  • Her character ‘Mystique’ in Dark Phoenix released in 2019 praised by all.
Some of the Popular Quotes from Jennifer Lawrence

Quote 1: 

Don’t be a fan, and constantly do the best thing.

Quote 2: 

” I think that people are built the way that they’ve developed. There’s that Kate Moss quote that’s like ‘Nothing tastes like skinny feels’ and I can name a lot of things that taste far better than skinny really feels: bread, potatoes … a Philly cheesesteak, and french fries.”

Quote 3: 

 ” As quickly as somebody farts around me, I believe it’s hilarious.

Quote 4: 

” I was a Harry Potter nerd. Pencils were sticks. I was going to Hogwarts. The whole thing. You don’t recognize what a geek I am. I suggest, if they reprise them, I‘d still go. Like, I’ve seen all of [the originals], and that’s always most likely to be Harry. That’s constantly most likely to be Ron and Hermione. If they did it once more, I absolutely would go, due to the fact that I want to see it all once more.”

Quote 5: 

” I keep in mind during Oscar season, the thing I hated most was being talked within a different way; people treat you differently. And afterward, I unexpectedly comprehended why celebrities can be so unusual; it’s tough to act typically when no-one treats you usually.”

Wrapping Up

It is truly unimaginable Jennifer Lawrence’s net worth has raised to $160 million; within her 30. she even stepped into the franchise business which plays a crucial role in increasing her net worth significantly apart from her earnings through acting.