George Lucas Net Worth – A Complete Analysis

George Lucas is one of the richest celebrities who have earned his name in different segments of the Entertainment Industry. He has delivered movies like Star Wars and Indiana Jones. George Lucan net worth as of 2020 is estimated at approximately 8 Billion USD. Directing, film making, writing, and producing he has expertise in all areas. He has a net worth that makes him 1.7 billion richer than Steven Spielberg, his good friend.

George Lucas Net Worth 7.1 Contributors

The major contribution for having this much net worth with him is his sale of Production Company for 4.1 Billion. His rest came from giving star wars property to Disney. He is still a fan of star wars and he wanted it to go on even after him so he sold it to Disney.

The early life of George Lucas:

His Birth name is George Walton Lucas Jr. born in California. His father had a stationery store and wanted him to join that. He refused it and did what he wants to. Before becoming a professional producer and director, he made some short films which too had won first prizes in the film festival for students.

He had some incidents in his life that made him what he is now, some tragedies. He proved himself after justifying the opportunities he had been given.

Why his Net worth is not what it should be?

George Lucas could have more Net worth with him than he has now if he had not been so generous. To improve education for children is like his second motto of life after successful delivery of entertainment. He has spent a fortune on education for children. He wants children to be equipped with social and intellectual tools.

Star Wars- His gateway of billionaire status:

George Lucas had two decisions in his hand back in 1973. He could have chosen a pay raise of 300% or could continue working with his salary without raise. He made a wise decision and agreed to the same salary from Fox. However, he asked them to let him keep merchandise rights for his Star Wars and all upcoming sequels. The decision he took on keeping star wars rights turned out to be in his favor.

George Lucas still the owner of Star wars:

Although he sold his Star Wars to Disney and earned 4.1 Billion out of it, he still manages to make a profit from Star Wars. He still gets writing royalties from it. As they are his characters in the movie, he gets royalties for them.

George Lucas Career Swing:

Though he has experienced and expertise in the entertainment industry. It was never his first choice to be a part of it. In his early life, he wanted to peruse a career in car racing but a horrible car accident had happened to him which made him change his mind about that career. He then started perusing and attending art classes.

Some interesting facts:
  1. George Lucas dog inspired him to name characters:

When he was writing Star Wars1, he had one dog by his side all the time, the dog’s name, Indiana. The name later was given to the character Indiana Jones. The look of Chewbacca, the sidekick, was inspired by George Luca’s pup.

  1. Another major contributor to his present career:

When he left his career in car racing, he tried to join the United States Military. But his graduation from the film was with him. He also got rejected by the Army for having so many speed tickets and his diabetes. This played another contribution in his life to become what he is now.

  1. Legendary Beginnings:

The beginning of his career had a great kick. When he was attending USC, he had earned a scholarship at Warner Brothers. It was great to start and there he met his ultimate business partner, Francis Ford Coppola. After meeting him there, everything changed then after.

  1. Real Estates:

He has a wide past of spending a lot of money on real estate. The largest of it is 5000 acres Skywalker Ranch in California. He also has purchased assets in Los Angeles. For screening theatres, movie studios, and private homes he has spent a lot of money on Real Estates.

  1. Brought himself back from a loss:

In 1987, he had to face a huge loss in settlement of divorce. He was bound to return to Star Wars. He had just basic plans for sequels of the original “The star wars”. But once he had to face a huge loss that made him rethink those plans. He revised and tried making it more interesting and attractive for the audience. He even changed some prequel status from the original.

  1. Lucas Museum of Narrative Art:

He had plans in his head for constructing the museum. He wanted to establish a museum so that he could display his collection of art. They could not find the perfect place which agrees with his terms. He waited and turned down some offers. But at last, announced in 2017 about his museum to be constructed in California.

  1. Philanthropist activities:

He not only helps children’s education but also did other deeds. He gave 1 million to build Martian Luther King Jr. Memorial. He also spent a lot of money from his net worth at that time to USC. He spent those amounts for expanding film school for USC. They also contributed to the Barack Obama Presidential Center.

Achievements and Awards
  • George Lucas was awarded the Life Achievement Award In 2005.
  • He was nominated for many Academy Awards. He has won many awards for directing, writing, and dramatic presentation.
  • By Discovery channel he was named one of the great 100 Americans in the year 2008.
  • For his constant dedication and contributions to the entertainment industry. He received an award from Barack Obama, the award of National Medal of Art.
  • He received membership in the Society of Motion pictures.
  • In 2015 he was known as Disney Legend.

George Lucas announced in 2012 that he would only make small films then after. He stated that he was taking retirement from blockbuster movies. He wanted to move away from his own business.

Some of Popular Quotes from George Lucas

Quote 1:

” A special impact is a tool, a method of telling a story. A special effect without a story is a quite uninteresting point.”

Quote 2:

” Train yourself to let go of the things you are afraid to shed.”

Quote 3:

” The trick to film is that it’s an illusion.”

Quote 4:

“Star Wars’ is fun, it’s interesting, it’s inspiring, and people react to that. It’s what they want. Discovering to make movies is extremely easy. Knowing what to make movies around is really tough.”

Quote 5:

” The sound and music are 50% of the amusement in a movie.”

Quote 6:

” I assumed Celebrity Wars was also crazy for the public.”

George Lucas Career Emphasizes

Yeah! Many of us well-aware of George Lucas’ Star Wars and other popular movies but here we are not discussing those. We have listed some highlighting and non-fame career emphasizes of George Lucas. His contribution to Hollywood is truly unmatched. We can say as he laid the foundation for the new age Hollywood.

  • The academic foundation of George Lucas was well-planned and established as a charitable organization. So that it would be encouraging for the young and talented filmmakers to shape their careers.
  • In the year 2012, Disney gained a majority of the Lucas films for a monstrous $4.05 billion deal. Most of the money earned from the deal went to charity. This shows how the generosity of Lucas.
Wrapping Up

Gaining $8 billion has happened overnight for George Lucas. In fact, George Lucas net worth isn’t the most highlighting; his unmatched contribution to Hollywood gained him a terrific name. He even considered the brand in the new age Hollywood industry.